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Even the Darkness Will Be Light to You

Raegan here...
    Last night I was driving back up to church for youth group and the sky was filled with those big, fluffy clouds. Not a lot of blue skies over the state of Texas, but it wasn't necessarily gloomy or overcast ( in fact it was muggy and humid...thanks Texas November). The clouds were thick and full and seemed a powerful wall. The clouds seemed as if nothing could break through. The clouds were an hindrance to what was behind. The sun seemed to want to burn through the marshmallow goo like a $5 dollar bill seems to burn a whole through a 10 year old's pocket from their first allowance. And as I drove closer and closer to the the glow, something happened....

the clouds began to split.

the clouds suddenly had these gaping holes.

the sun had broken through. 

The clouds could no longer contain the darkness they wanted to cast out onto this city.  And I started thinking. Last week was rough on both Scott and I's spirit with the news of many unfortunate events. The pain and destruction in people's lives brought us to a place that was so very dark and gloomy. I'll admit, the word hope seemed ridiculous. 

Where is the good, God? Where is hope, God?

So often we find ourselves in these dark, slimy pits of life.  We sit in these places so dark that we can't even figure out where the exit is anymore. And we close ourselves off. We decide to leave parts of our heart in these dark, hurtful, bruised, and hopeless places. We shut down. We push people and things away. We close parts of who we are completely off from others and ourselves....and from God.

And God has a hard time getting through to us. But certainly not impossible for Him. For nothing is impossible for Him. 

I then think about the transformation in Beauty and the Beast because Disney often seems to get it right (and with clever songs and catchy music may I add). I love that Belle murmurs "I love you" and then all of a sudden, great bits of light start falling from the sky. (it is no coincidence that this light comes from above folks).Then before we know it, that light starts breaking through the Beast's heart. The dark heart can no longer contain darkness, because light breaks it apart. And this light isn't just light, it's love. It is a pure and unselfish love. Love completely changes us. Love has so much power. And even a sliver of it, just a murmur of it breaks through in the darkest places of who we are.

What if we offered love to people like God tells us to? What if we let God into the parts of our heart we have closed off? What if we let light breakthrough in our darkest places, in our darkest hours? 

"even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you." Psalm 139:12

Nothing is too much for Him. Nothing is too dark for him. The light is a powerful being because the light in fact is HIS LOVE. 

So I look at the clouds again and feel the Son breaking through in my own heart. And I pray His light would fill the places of my heart and that it would overflow to everyone around me. 

There are a million truths for every lie 
So speak it out loud and let it lift high 
There are a million reasons to cover your eyes 
But the light is shining through the darkness we hide 
But the light is shining through the darkness we hide 

So come let it 
Come let it 
Come let it 
Come let it shine x2

"Let it Shine" All Sons and Daughters

Let Him breakthrough, Let Him Shine....


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