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I know what you're thinking. Raegan, the movie is called 42, not 43.

Duh, I know that. We're not talking movies or numbers really. I just wanted a clever post title to get you intrigued and I think it worked. Point for Raegan.

This past Friday night, Scott and I met #43. As in, the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. I could brag about our long conversation, how I made him laugh, and how he personally wants to fund Scott and I's future church, but none of that would be true. It is entirely true that I met him and Laura briefly AND it was significant. BUT....not for the reason you may think.

Let's back track on that day I met Georgie and his wife. I get a call from Scott that his buddy, Mike, has tickets to that night's game. Great! It is hotter than hell, but it will be great. I'll throw on my shorts, my soft SMU t-shirt, and my Mustangs trucker hat.  We hang up and I head home to change.

I get another call. It is Scott again and he informs me there is a chance we'll go into the box seat where the President may be. AKA...DON'T WEAR THE TRUCKER HAT AND LOOK LIKE A MORON or as we call it, pulling a Justin Bieber (google Justin Bieber meets Canadian Prime Minister and you'll understand it.)

So here Scott and I are. I'm wearing a a football game. SICK. Scott is wearing a golf polo with SMU on it that he had to buy that day. He is wearing that shirt, khaki shorts, and Sperry boat shoes. I don't recognize my husband. Thank goodness he didn't have croakies on because it would have sent me over the edge. We go to the game and sure enough, we go to the suite and Georgie and Laura are there.

Here is where it hit me.  George W. Bush did not meet Raegan Gilliland. He met an impostor. That was not me. Our meeting was brief and he will surely not remember me at all. I'm okay with that though because it wasn't my true self.

Okay, where is this going? Glad you asked...

When people meet you, are they really seeing the real you or are you trying to be someone you're not? When I look at the love of Jesus, He sees people exactly how they are even if they try to hide it. He knows who they really are--a liar, a thief, a cheater, a whore, etc...and guess what. He loves them radically. Yes, they end up changing, but He loves them even before that. I think many of us are afraid to show who we really are because we have deemed ourselves unworthy or unlovable and that just simply isn't true. No one could possibly like us or love us right? Wrong. That is garbage we are fed and unfortunately, we believe it. We try so hard to look like everyone else and be like everyone else. Why is that? Whatever happened to really believing that God created us uniquely?

I want people to know me. Not a fake version. Not one putting on a front. Not one that is pretending. I want people to know I have sweaty pits. I want people to know sometimes I cuss. I want people to know that sometimes I fight with my husband. I want people to know I shave my kneecaps like 3 times a year...maybe. I want people to know I sometimes don't forgive like I should. I want people to know I eat Cookie Butter right out of the jar with a spoon.

I want to be me and I want you to be you. If we end of not liking things about ourselves, I want us to turn to Christ in order to change for the better and not to please someone else, get a guy or girl
, or to please our parents.

I know it's hard.  But be you by golly.  You're probably much cooler than you'll ever know.  For realz. Trust me.

Sorry, Georgie.  Maybe someday you'll get to meet the real Raegan.  I promise she is much cooler than the girl in the dress at the football game.


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