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Wedding Video Teaser


Scott here...

Nine days.
Or more specifically, 8 days, 16 hours, 30 minutes, and 29 seconds until I change the rest of life.
Crazy, right?
So may people love to ask, "Are you nervous?  Getting stressed?  Cold feet?"  It's pretty easy to respond.
See, it'd be one thing if I was just jumping out on a limb, trusting my gut, following my heart, and whatnot.  But that's not at all what's happening on the 19th.  My gut has nothing to do with it (although, that reminds me how much my fiance's perfectly honed body intimidates me and my thoroughly average build).
When I met Raegan, I thought to myself, "Well isn't that a fun person."  And that was it.  It wasn't until I felt that otherworldly push in late April that I began to see her differently.
The way she smiles like she can barely contain herself.
The way she loves people like they need it more than air.
The way she laughs in the face of struggle and adversity.
I made these…

Even the Darkness Will Be Light to You

Raegan here...     Last night I was driving back up to church for youth group and the sky was filled with those big, fluffy clouds. Not a lot of blue skies over the state of Texas, but it wasn't necessarily gloomy or overcast ( in fact it was muggy and humid...thanks Texas November). The clouds were thick and full and seemed a powerful wall. The clouds seemed as if nothing could break through. The clouds were an hindrance to what was behind. The sun seemed to want to burn through the marshmallow goo like a $5 dollar bill seems to burn a whole through a 10 year old's pocket from their first allowance. And as I drove closer and closer to the the glow, something happened....
the clouds began to split.
the clouds suddenly had these gaping holes.
the sun had broken through. 
The clouds could no longer contain the darkness they wanted to cast out onto this city.  And I started thinking. Last week was rough on both Scott and I's spirit with the news of many unfortunate events. Th…


By: Scott
Five observations from last night's Halloween in the new casa (that's "home" for those who don't "habla espanol.")  Note: I will not be living in said house until the 19th.

1)  If you are 45, not in costume, and without children by your side, I'm not giving you candy.  Unless you look like you might steal my car if I don't hand over a Hershey Bar.  That guy gets whatever he wants.

2)  I've noticed an unfortunate trend in parents shuttling their kids from house to house in their cars.  God forbid kids actually get exercise on their way to piles of sugar and chocolate.  Which is why next year, I'm putting the candy bowl on an RC car and leading a neighborhood "Run for Reece's."  I'll assume the check's in the mail, Michelle Obama, for my Health Initiative.

3)  Come November 19, I live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.  This makes Halloween awesome, partly because of the flood of kids (we had nearly 4…

I work at a church.

By: Scott
"I work at a church."

I say that statement all the time.  When someone asks me what I do for a living, I say:
"I work at a church."
Well now, isn't that something?  Can you just hear the passion in my voice?  Such a strong, bold statement when it comes to my life's calling!
"I work at a church."
As I type it, it even sounds boring.  I'm struck by what others must think about such a lifeless statement.  I mean, people expect a certain thing when they talk to a pastor or church employee.  I'm thinking, something along the lines of this:
Random Person: "Hey what do you do?"
Me:  "I get the absolute privilege and joy of serving a God who made me, a Savior who loves me, and a Spirit who moves in me every single day of my life!  My life is fantastic and a blessing!  Woohoo!  JEESSSSUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!"
Now, if this were to actually occur, I would have significantly less friends, and Raegan might stop taking me in publ…

I Fought the Law and... the Law lost...

By: Raegan
For those of you under the age of 20, you most likely don't know this song I am referencing so do yourself a favor and push pause on your Lady Gaga album (I promise, you can come back to it) and look up this oldie, but goodie.

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking to my students about the importance of the Law, but how it wasn't the whole picture. It's a difficult subject to broach and I often find that we walk the line when it comes to living in grace, but also knowing the gravity of the TRUTH. What I find in a lot of my kids (or adults for that matter) is that we think because Christ was so forgiving, graceful, and merciful, that it allows us to have a free ticket on how to live. We don't necessarily have to live by the "rule book" so to speak because we know we have forgiveness. Now while I believe fully in the redemptive powers of Christ through all our sin and faults, I never want to abuse it. I never want to use it as a crutch. I don't wa…

The Loss of a Legend

By: Scott
Mr. Peppermint has passed away. A somber moment for the Dallas community. For those of you who grew up in DFW since 1961 until 1996, odds are you caught at least a couple episodes of Mr. Peppermint. I loved this show. Looking back, were the production levels amazing? No. Were the puppets a little creepy? Maybe. But Mr. Peppermint, or Jerry Haynes as his family and friends knew him, was awesome in the eyes of six-year-old Scott. For those of you, including this Kansas girl I'm marrying, who never got a chance to witness the amazingness that was early nineties local access programming, enjoy the opening theme from the shows final years...

Rest in peace, Mr. Peppermint, rest in peace.

The In-Between

By: Raegan
The other night, I had my first taste of something that is unlike anything else.

Texas. High School. Football.
It's a new world. There are movies about this "phenomenon" and this is something that truly is a new culture. But, this is not the reason for this post. It is what God seemed to speak to me there in the seats of this stadium stuck between Dallas and Fort Worth perfectly that has the wheels of my head turning two days later.
It really was a perfect night for football (though it could have been about 10 degrees cooler to be the perfect football weather, but it is Texas so I have given up on that dream). The sunset had me breathless and as I looked to the left, I saw the skyline of Dallas. When I looked to the right, I had the skyline of Ft. Worth. So here I was----The In-between.
I've been reflecting so much recently thanks to my upcoming nuptials with this great lad, Scott Gilliland. I've been thinking about what has formed me into the woman …

Square one.

By: Scott
Okay, so it's happened.  I'm blogging.  I know, I know, you're thinking, "But Scott!  You're 23!  How do you keep up with young 'uns these days?"  It's not easy, guys.  Not easy.  But, I figure it's gotta be better than trying to keep up with the teeny-bopper music scene these days.  Since when is the annoying girl from "School of Rock" allowed to be a pop star?  She made Band Manager!

But I digress.

As I sit here writing my first post of what I hope to be many, I will start with a message on what it means to begin something.  To take the fresh leap.  To arrive at square one.

It's refreshing, isn't it?  The feeling of having absolutely nothing behind you, everything in front.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm young and ambitious, but having a clean slate is just about the most exciting thing out there.  It means endless possibilities, boundless journeys off in the horizon.  And almost as so…