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Israel Trip Days 1 - 3

By: Scott

It's about 9:00 p.m. as I write this blog post from my bed in Jerusalem, so you know, typical New Year's Eve for me.  At least the "in bed at 9:00 p.m." part.  I know I have a lot of family and friends praying for Raegan and I as we journey throughout areas of Israel and Palestine over the next two weeks, so I thought it might be fun to keep a blog throughout (but no promises on frequency/quantity).  This one is a little long, but feel free to treat it like a children's book and skip to the pictures.

Let's begin!

We got to the DFW at 1:30 for our 4:20 flight, which turned out to be more than enough time, since check-in and security took approximately 3.5 minutes.  We boarded an almost-full Lufthansa flight and hunkered down for the 10-hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  I like Lufthansa, mainly because the German-accented staff greets you with a cheerful "Hallo!" and their movie selection was good (Man of Steel = great, Wolverine = passable, …


It is 8:43 on a Sunday night.

My coffee pot is ready to brew it's first pot of the day and ready to be devoured with the help of Thin Mint Coffee Cream. #thatcreameriscrack

In the next nine days (count them), I need to spit out somewhere around 35-40 pages of written work and study for my Old Testament final.  I also need to write out my eight pages of answers as part of my ordination process. Anyone an expert on Wesley? Anyone?  Oh, and I need to write a sermon for the 15th of December because I'm preaching in our contemporary service.

Why am I telling you this?

To complain? Nope.
To whine? Nope.
To brag? Nope.
To vent? Nope.

I'm telling you this because today starts Advent and today also marks the wake-up call to many church goers that it is time to start thinking of Jesus for the next twenty-five days. Then we get a break until Easter. All of that is another blog for another day...The first day of Advent? I don't have time for that or as one of my favorite YouTube …

Whether We Like It Or Not

It's been a while since I've blogged, and I could blame a lot of things, but the most honest answer may be that I just didn't have anything that I needed to say until now.  It feels good to be writing again, not like riding a bike, more like picking up an old guitar again only to find your callouses have gone and your fingers sting with pain.  It might be awkward, but darn it, I'm gonna do this!

I had a conversation recently that made me think about two words, love and like.  Someone I know is having a difficult time loving a person that has appeared in their life.  I say they are having a difficult time loving this person, because I'm pretty sure they certainly don't like the person.  To hear my friend talk, it sounds as though their dislike of this person is bleeding into a spirit of not loving this person.  It got me thinking:

Should our like for someone ever determine our love for them?

In the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke specifically), Jesus is asked …


I questioned whether or not I should use this picture because I fear that many of you will only stare at this picture and not read anything. I don't blame you. My niece is pretty dang cute. She must take after her aunt or something.

I use this picture because it is the focus of this blog. I'm not going to talk about Mattie's adorable facial expression, her cute flower, or even her chubby and very kissable cheeks (stop kissing the computer screen weirdo). I'm going to talk about what this moment seems to capture.

Here is my eight month old niece very near to a gorilla. Gorillas are actually quite peaceful animals, but no one can deny their enormous strength, size, and weight. I mean, they're ginormous and yet, here my niece sits unbeknownst to her that this massive animal is on the other side of the glass.  Yes, I realize there are several layers of glass between her and this gorilla, but does she know that? My sweet and simple dog often runs into glass--not that I…

That Four Letter Word

I know your mind is quickly racing and trying to figure out which word I'm actually thinking about. Could it be...? Or is it?

I'm not gonna write out guesses because I like to try to keep it PG around here. After all, I am pursuing a M.Div and would like to be an ordained pastor someday. Just a reminder kids that people do look at FB, Twitter, and all kinds of stuff. There are eyes everywhere and not just the NSA and not just those people named "mom" and "dad." I don't say those four-letter words anyhow. *

The four-letter word that I am having the most trouble with right now is...


Not what you were expecting?

I think people across the board--whether you are Christian or not--can all agree that waiting can be one of the hardest things.  And I'm not just talking about waiting for that new i-phone to be released (ooh, a champagne color!!) or the second half of Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience to be dropped (although lets be honest, we ar…


I know what you're thinking. Raegan, the movie is called 42, not 43.

Duh, I know that. We're not talking movies or numbers really. I just wanted a clever post title to get you intrigued and I think it worked. Point for Raegan.

This past Friday night, Scott and I met #43. As in, the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. I could brag about our long conversation, how I made him laugh, and how he personally wants to fund Scott and I's future church, but none of that would be true. It is entirely true that I met him and Laura briefly AND it was significant. BUT....not for the reason you may think.

Let's back track on that day I met Georgie and his wife. I get a call from Scott that his buddy, Mike, has tickets to that night's game. Great! It is hotter than hell, but it will be great. I'll throw on my shorts, my soft SMU t-shirt, and my Mustangs trucker hat.  We hang up and I head home to change.

I get another call. It is Scott again and he informs me…

11 Years

First of all. Let's address something. It has been nearly a year since Scott or I have written a blog. Well, not entirely true. I wrote one back last fall, but couldn't publish it.  Intrigued now aren't you? It was one of the blogs a little too honest and vulnerable. Alas, here we are a year later from where we left off.  We started seminary and we fell off the face of the planet. 

But here we go again.

This past Sunday, I taught about the Sabbath in the Sunday School class I teach. I'm using this super cool curriculum and the name currently escapes me which may lead you to believe it isn't that awesome. But it is. I'm just an awful advertiser apparently. In the life of ministry--all five years of mine--I have learned that self care is THE hardest thing to do by far. It is even harder for an extrovert who would choose to be around people day and night if she could. On my days off, I love to get as much done as I can. I love to pack my schedule full of hangouts …