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Class Reunion

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to travel back in time. No, I didn’t go with Doc to save Marty’s parents, but rather I ventured to my hometown of Salina, KS. Anytime I go home, I find that they’re just a bit behind the times as I have, on occasion, seen people walking the streets with yellow Sony Walkmans, jamming to what I can only imagine is a mix-tape featuring Milli Vanilli and Kenny G.
What’s that iGeneration?  What’s a Walkman? It was like an iPod but it played cassettes.
What’s a cassette?  It was this thing that had magnetic tape… I don’t have time to explain.  Get back to YOLO-ing or whatever it is you kids do these days.
Anyways, Salina.  I also never miss an opportunity to point out that Salina may be the only town in America that doesn’t have a Starbucks.  I think I just heard a soccer mom scream reading that. 
I traveled back in time because I had the opportunity to go to my 10-year high school reunion. What an experience…
As soon as I walked in Stiefel Theatr…

When Two Worlds Clash

*Before you get excited to read today, I must tell you that contrary to our blog's tagline, today's entry will not be funny. It will most assuredly be real. And it will be disgustingly true about the messiness of faith.

For the last five months, thousands of people have had ragged and bruised knees from praying, anger that has boiled in their heart, and tears have stained their faces and shirts.

For the last five months, thousands have seen a family endure the worst imaginable pain.

For the last five months, thousands have watched a precious 3 year old battle the unspeakable terror called cancer--a demon that deserves a much worse name.

And after five months, a little girl went Home yesterday.

I'm in the ministry and I should be able to tell people that "God has a plan" or that "all things work for the good of God", but today I just can't. You may call me a hypocrite or blasphemous, but my heart and mind just can't go there. At least not today.…

Jesus, Hitler, and my dog.

by: Scott

This week, the contemporary service at my church is covering the topic of “influence.”  Like a lot of things, it got me thinking.  It’s an interesting word, influence, because I’m not sure it means what everybody thinks it means all the time.  Here’s three things I believe about influence:

"Influence" does not mean "change."

This is the most common misinterpretation of the word.  People assume that to influence someone is to change them.  Not so.  Take Annie, the newest member of the Gilliland household.  She has four paws, eats dog food, and hates going into her kennel.  She hates it so much, in fact, that the moment she even thinks Raegan and I are leaving, she makes a B-line for the back door, which by no coincidence is the furthest point in the house from the kennel.   I have tried commanding her, coaxing her, offering treats, leading by collar, everything until I finally just give in and pick up all 55 pounds of my sweet puppy, carry her to the bedroom…

A Pool of Mustard

On June 13th, 1999, I said yes to having a Savior.  For 5 years, I was heavily involved in Campus Crusade for Christ.  I've been in full-time ministry for 4 years now.

So why is it that I find myself swimming in a pool of mustard... seeds.

I invest in students, I talk with parents, and keep in touch with friends and family from all walks of life.  And yet, I continually hear the same thing:

"Well I'm just not the spiritual."

"I really don't know that much about God."

"I don't really have a lot of faith."

(And don't get me started on my own spiritual life. Whoa nelly can that be a mess...)

Can we retrace a little bit here? When Jesus asked a few sheepish men to follow him, what do you think they had? You really think they had brains? You really think their faith was oozing out of their pores? Hardly.

These guys were the rejects. They had flunked out of rabbi school remember? Could I be as bold to say that they were losers? Okay, that ma…

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers

By:  Scott
For a link to the scripture I'm referencing, follow this link!
I'll give you a second to read through it...

Did you click it?  Isn't that dog funny?  Okay, seriously, here's the real link to the scripture.
So this parable is famous mostly for it's last line of "The last shall be first and the first shall be last."

But this is a great parable, for more than just one line. It's also misused a lot because of that last line. 

People think "Oh, that's just Jesus telling us that the little guy will get ahead in heaven." Maybe, but that's not all that I think is important.

Whenever I read parables, I choose to look at the characters I feel are the most relatable. Take this parable. I look at the workers, and the soon-to-be workers. These are the guys I can relate to, so I try to understand them as people, not just characters. The landowner goes and hires some men throughout the day, each time promising them the same wage at the end of…

Super Bowl XLVI: Proof that this is the year of the apocalypse.

By: Scott

The Super Bowl is a timeless tradition when America remembers the things that make it better than all those other pansy countries out there:  Beer.  Commercials.  Beer Commercials.  Oh yeah... Football.  Aaaaand... Madonna?  Good lord, what have we become?  Behold, my comprehensive analysis of Super Bowl XLVI, and why it is a sign of the end-times.

1)  The Game Itself. Easily the least important part of this year's Super Bowl.  I mean, sure, if you're a Giants or Patriots fan, you loved it.  Close scores, crazy catches, and Ahmad Bradshaw made history as the first man to pass gas and then score a touchdown.  But if you were the rest of America, you hated every moment of it.  Because in the back of your head, you knew that no matter who won this Super Bowl, we'd all lose.  I mean, Eli vs. Tom?  I just threw up a bit in my mouth thinking about it.  Any game where the most talked-about post-game analysis comes from Giselle Bundchen is a travesty.
And can we talk ab…



It isn't a complex word by any means, but for some reason, this word weighs heavy on one's heart. We may use it in simple terms such as, "is that new movie worth going to see it in the theatre? " or "how much do you think this antique-one-of-a-kind Saved by the Bell thermos is worth?" More often though, that word is used to describe one's life.

I work in youth ministry so this question is often brought up. So many of my students will sit across a cafe table with me with their favorite coffee drink  in hand and tears in their eyes as they say, "I just want to know my life is worth something." It's heartbreaking for me to see that sense of emptiness and wonder inside of them. For them to even question if they're worth something makes me realize how messed up our world truly can be. Things we find praiseworthy or worth reporting are things such as celebrity breakdowns, when so-and -so hooked up, who wore it best, and other pointles…

Bad Predictions: 2011 Edition

A look back at our worst predictions of 2011...

Honeymoon Part 2 or Attention Tanner Family, We Love Your City

by Raegan

Stop right now!  Have you read Part 1?  If not, do it!  No if's, and's, or but's!

Note: After reading Scott's account of our honeymoon in Napa, all I can say is "sorry" to my Dad and to my brothers.  I won't be able to look you in the eyes for at least two more years.  

Let's move on though shall we? Let's see what us Gillilands experienced in San Fran...

Our time wrapped up in Napa and we were sad to see it end, but ready to head into the Bay City.  Since I'm from "small town" Kansas, everything seems big and exciting to me... and a little scary as I've learned not everyone waves, smiles, and let's you cut in line with your car.  Those Cali's are the scariest of them all too, but that is beside the point.  I grabbed all the freebies I possibly could from our place in Napa (I learned that from Ross on Friends), smuggled the complimentary port in the lobby (so far, we haven't been billed for it), and jumped in …

The Honeymoon Part 1 or Why Napa Hasn't Called Us For a Second Date

By: Scott

note --  Yes, this is the Honeymoon blog, and we know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, are they gonna talk about the - ahem - intimate aspects of the trip?"  In "The Honeymoon Part 1" and "The Honeymoon Part 2," any parts of the trip that could be "awkward" to read about have been replaced by less scandalous actions.  These will appear in brackets.  For example, "After the ceremony, Raegan and I quickly made our way out the back to the parking lot and [parallel parked] in Lindsay O'Connor's Acura." *Just kidding Lindsay!

note part 2 - We also hope you know how seriously we both take the physical aspects of relationships.  If you don't know about the ring Raegan gave me, ask me about it sometime.  It will blow your mind.  Our point being, kids, listen up.  Just because we joke about it, doesn't mean we don't treat it with respect.  The best thing you can do is wait 'til you're married.  Period.