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Jesus, Hitler, and my dog.

by: Scott

This week, the contemporary service at my church is covering the topic of “influence.”  Like a lot of things, it got me thinking.  It’s an interesting word, influence, because I’m not sure it means what everybody thinks it means all the time.  Here’s three things I believe about influence:

"Influence" does not mean "change."

This is the most common misinterpretation of the word.  People assume that to influence someone is to change them.  Not so.  Take Annie, the newest member of the Gilliland household.  She has four paws, eats dog food, and hates going into her kennel.  She hates it so much, in fact, that the moment she even thinks Raegan and I are leaving, she makes a B-line for the back door, which by no coincidence is the furthest point in the house from the kennel.   I have tried commanding her, coaxing her, offering treats, leading by collar, everything until I finally just give in and pick up all 55 pounds of my sweet puppy, carry her to the bedroom…