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When Two Worlds Clash

*Before you get excited to read today, I must tell you that contrary to our blog's tagline, today's entry will not be funny. It will most assuredly be real. And it will be disgustingly true about the messiness of faith.

For the last five months, thousands of people have had ragged and bruised knees from praying, anger that has boiled in their heart, and tears have stained their faces and shirts.

For the last five months, thousands have seen a family endure the worst imaginable pain.

For the last five months, thousands have watched a precious 3 year old battle the unspeakable terror called cancer--a demon that deserves a much worse name.

And after five months, a little girl went Home yesterday.

I'm in the ministry and I should be able to tell people that "God has a plan" or that "all things work for the good of God", but today I just can't. You may call me a hypocrite or blasphemous, but my heart and mind just can't go there. At least not today.…