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11 Years

First of all. Let's address something. It has been nearly a year since Scott or I have written a blog. Well, not entirely true. I wrote one back last fall, but couldn't publish it.  Intrigued now aren't you? It was one of the blogs a little too honest and vulnerable. Alas, here we are a year later from where we left off.  We started seminary and we fell off the face of the planet. 

But here we go again.

This past Sunday, I taught about the Sabbath in the Sunday School class I teach. I'm using this super cool curriculum and the name currently escapes me which may lead you to believe it isn't that awesome. But it is. I'm just an awful advertiser apparently. In the life of ministry--all five years of mine--I have learned that self care is THE hardest thing to do by far. It is even harder for an extrovert who would choose to be around people day and night if she could. On my days off, I love to get as much done as I can. I love to pack my schedule full of hangouts …