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That Four Letter Word

I know your mind is quickly racing and trying to figure out which word I'm actually thinking about. Could it be...? Or is it?

I'm not gonna write out guesses because I like to try to keep it PG around here. After all, I am pursuing a M.Div and would like to be an ordained pastor someday. Just a reminder kids that people do look at FB, Twitter, and all kinds of stuff. There are eyes everywhere and not just the NSA and not just those people named "mom" and "dad." I don't say those four-letter words anyhow. *

The four-letter word that I am having the most trouble with right now is...


Not what you were expecting?

I think people across the board--whether you are Christian or not--can all agree that waiting can be one of the hardest things.  And I'm not just talking about waiting for that new i-phone to be released (ooh, a champagne color!!) or the second half of Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience to be dropped (although lets be honest, we ar…


I know what you're thinking. Raegan, the movie is called 42, not 43.

Duh, I know that. We're not talking movies or numbers really. I just wanted a clever post title to get you intrigued and I think it worked. Point for Raegan.

This past Friday night, Scott and I met #43. As in, the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. I could brag about our long conversation, how I made him laugh, and how he personally wants to fund Scott and I's future church, but none of that would be true. It is entirely true that I met him and Laura briefly AND it was significant. BUT....not for the reason you may think.

Let's back track on that day I met Georgie and his wife. I get a call from Scott that his buddy, Mike, has tickets to that night's game. Great! It is hotter than hell, but it will be great. I'll throw on my shorts, my soft SMU t-shirt, and my Mustangs trucker hat.  We hang up and I head home to change.

I get another call. It is Scott again and he informs me…